Added Max shift hours for site patterns can be set in system variables to limit the amount of hours site patterns can set for a shift
Added Delete feature for individual images in the officer documents area to remove any provided images that are not required
Fixed Applicant documents correction to display the most recent address
Added Applicants full address and date of birth fields added to the interview form
Added A button to remove an applicant from an interview slot is now available via the interview slot modal
Added Recruitment statistics report stating the details for a given date range
Added Interview booking reminder task setup which can be customised to send out an email prior to the interview
Added Applicant documents now has a phone contact field along with an interview status column which pre-filters to pending and booked
Added An application pack button is now available on the interview slot modal which downloads the pack in a zipped folder
Added Javelin report with a selection of fields related to officer details
Added G4S Time sheet report
Changed Peak shift and leaving code/details added to the officer proximity report
Changed The date that the officer was added to OMS has been included in the Javelin report
Changed Changed the max shift to peak shift in the officer details report to match the peak shift in the officers grid, added an activity column and corrected the date field formatting
Changed Days/ Night shifts details added to the basic details and javelin reports
Changed Removed the application button from the applicants page in favour of a link on the application column. The buttons have also been reordered for a better user experience
Changed Added a date range selector to the recruitment page and have the recruitment slots archive as they are allocated
Changed Additions and changes to the uniform categories
Changed The job board - not accepted card in monitoring now groups the instances
Changed Officers can be assigned to site patterns and are sent job offers when instances are generated. Officers can also be removed from patterns which in turn removes offers
Changed Sub-labour levels utilises the same dynamic list as officer levels across the system
Changed Officer level added to the officer basic details report
Changed Officer levels are dynamic and can be setup via the officer levels system admin page
Changed New starter available card in monitoring groups on the day the starters were added
Fixed Prevented an error when generating the interview form pdf with regards to the address details
Fixed Corrected the email template loops so that variables are correctly reset on each iteration
Fixed Officer emergency contacts bug fix for when there are no contacts
Fixed The mobile phone number field in the application form has had a min-length validation of 13 characters added to it
Added Holiday rates added to the system allowing rate groups to be added, edited, assigned and deleted for use with holiday accruement
Added Officers will now accrue holiday time/pay
Added Officers will receive an email prior to finalising payroll that asks them if they would like to convert their accrued holiday time to immediate pay
Added Balance Report
Changed Renamed the officer training email function to officer induction
Changed Payroll export now shows accruement information
Changed The booked holiday absence reason is now locked so it cannot be edited or deleted
Changed Payroll grid shows accrued warnings
Fixed Corrected an issue with the absence furlough not getting the correct data
Added A preview of the emails in the comms tab is now displayed showing exactly how the sent mail will appear
Added Users can now manually link applicants to an interview slot
Added A phonebook report can be generated in a XLSX format which holds contact data for active officers, officer contacts, sub-labour, sub-contractor contacts and client contacts
Added A phonebook report can be generated in a CSV format which holds contact data for active officers, officer contacts, sub-labour, sub-contractor contacts and client contacts
Added A toggle to alter the behaviour of how check calls are generated in client settings
Added Proof of Presence report
Added Recruitment system Overhaul
Added A last completed and a days since colunn have been added to the officer feedback grid with the ability to resend if not complete within 7 days
Added Applicant chase emails can be auromatically generated based on admin set system variables
Changed Applicants become Recruits on migration instead of Active
Changed When an applicant has completed the application form, a button is displayed to go straight to the document portal
Changed The mobile activity report now includes a column for response time
Changed Monitoring was completely overhauled - brand new system to improve performance
Changed Officer Feedback Summary report now shows more descriptive columns such as the officer name
Fixed Tasks without rates cards now correctly generated in monitoring
Fixed Proof of absence report will now behave as intended
Removed Old Recruitment areas
Added Required documents can now be selected for specific sites that require specialised training to be completeted in order to work a shift. This can be specified in the Site profile, settings page where a documents can be specified along with a grace period
Added On the applicant page, the user can select an applicant and click the comms button to be presented with a modal displaying emails sent to the applicant
Added The site address is now available in the instance information above the map
Added Clients now have a setting for receiving check calls hourly or randomised
Added An option to send an applicant an email to chase up incomplete applications within the applicants page based off of the applicant chase template provided
Added A new area to view and edit system variables
Changed Applicants will now have a selection of shirt sizes to match the ones in officer profile
Changed The officer feedback analysis report defaults the date range from 2018 to the current year. The scoring in the feedback tab has also been modified to total correctly
Changed The officer grid will now display the add date based on activity date
Changed The applicant documents page is automatically filtered by whether the documents have been requested but has the option to change or remove still via the dgrid filter
Changed Users can now edit the phone number associated with an applicant
Changed Upon completion of the applicant form, the link to the document upload page is immediately shown.
Changed The deletion of applicants in the applicants page has been restricted to only allow deletion if the application is first archived
Changed The SIR will now load its default variables from the system variables page
Changed When adding an ad hoc task to the task planned, we have prevented the possibility of addimg an estimated time outside of the start/end time
Changed Duplicate applications are now prevented
Changed In the client summary modal on the invoicing page, the tasks grid now has a column to display the task type display a P for planned or A for AdHoc
Changed The applicant migration will now also import next of kin details
Changed Marking an instance with the Error Client/Company option now adds a note to the instance to say this was applied
Fixed Applicants can no longer bypass the work history segment of the application form
Fixed Adding an officer document will no longer remember address details from a previously added document
Fixed The Officer Feedback report now correctly displays the column headers for the corresponding column
Fixed The vetting expired card will now correctly identify recruits that have previously existed as an officer
Fixed Contract pack will now correctly show red crossed against incomplete items
Removed SIR settings page
Added Client portal: contacts can be marked as a portal admin from client profile: contacts tab
Added The user can now edit activity records in the officer profile
Added Monitoring card to see active unlinked shifts now available
Added Officer Training videos grid now displays a finished column, displayed the last video watch date/time
Added The officer profile will display a warning icon if the address displayed is based on an inactive document
Added Client portal: maintenance mode - non-admin users cannot access if enabled
Added Client portal: the latest events can be seen from the client profile: contacts tab
Added Task planner now has a button to remove pre-veiled rows (user premission required)
Added Client portal: officers can opt into a privacy mode that denies clients from seeing certain officer data under GDPR regulations
Added Client portal: data can be restricted to 'x weeks' of data from the client profile
Added Activity report succeeding Active and Inactive reports, with a dropdown to select an option
Added An improved furlough report combining all features of the previously removed reports
Added A monitoring card for finding instances with no scheduling contacts with a requirement for book on confirmations
Added Users can now delete an officer document
Changed Daily Query Report now includes subcontractor phone numbers
Changed Training videos: the message that displayed informing the viewer their watch time is being tracked has been updated to better reflect what is actually being tracked
Changed The address history reports now includes addresses from applicants, where linked to relevant officers
Changed The officer activity grid now displays the reason code against their inactivity records
Changed Sub-contractor charges (saved) now shows columns for - date signed off, date agreed, allocated invoice
Changed Inactive officer report now includes a date picker
Changed Client portal: officer list now includes sub-labour
Changed The address history report can now product a pdf per selected officer
Fixed Bank holidays can now corrected be added with certain toggle combinations
Fixed Inactivity report should now report the correct reason codes
Fixed Inactive officers should now correctly appear in the officer profile switcher
Fixed Filters on the officer feedback page should work as intended again
Removed Officer Active / Inactive reports removed in favour of an Activity report
Removed All furlough reports removed
Added Client invoice option to zip the invoices before sending
Added The client portal now includes a detailed instances tab in the site profile
Added A dashboard app to show a breakdown of mobile activities
Changed The client portal will now limit event log by user role, so no administrative events will display for standard users
Changed Purchase Orders in mobile invoices now show in the row descriptions
Changed Dashboard configuration tool has been redesigned
Changed IPC report now includes the site required documents from site settings and officer certification from officer documents
Changed Overhauled the sub-contractor self billing report for better presentation of data
Fixed Training videos will now correctly track watch time on desktop devices
Fixed Training videos will now correctly play on mobile devices
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