Added Officer profile can now display and store a password field for payroll purposes
Added There is now the option to add an image as a supporting image to an existing document within applicant documents. The user sets the supporting toggle and chooses the exisiting document the image supports.
Added Report for furlough absence added which displays any active officers who have not worked for more than seven days and also shows their next shift if one has been scheduled
Added New monitoring card 'New Starter Available' provides a list of recently added active officers with a count of 3 or less shifts
Added New monitoring card 'Interview Outcome Not Updated' provides a list of applicants where interviews have taken place but outcomes have not been set
Added New monitoring card 'Documents To Be Checked' provides a list of applicants where documents are submitted but not yet finalised
Added New monitoring card 'Interviewer To Be Allocated' provides a list of applicants where documents are finalised but no interview has been set
Added A new Furlough report has been added to support clients through the Covid-19 pandemic
Changed The application form now requires an email address alone to register. A link is then sent to the applicant to access the form using a token.
Changed The Payroll New Starter report now includes payroll details (if available)
Changed The Payroll New Starter report now exports as a .csv instead of a .xlsx
Changed The Payroll Export report now exports as a .csv instead of a .xlsx
Changed The monitoring card for Pay Sendout has been changed from 5 to 3 days
Changed The Payroll New Starter report now has the ability to select which payrun the report generates for
Changed Absence reasons / types now include a furlough category toggle, used for reporting purposes
Changed The monitoring card 'Contract Pack Complete' now provides a list of applicants where contract packs are completed but are not migrated
Fixed New lines entered by the user when entering a custom message for the decline feature in Applicant Documents will now correctly display new lines in the email that is sent out
Added Deductions now have customisable groups associated with each payment type, as well as tax / non-tax markers
Added Applicant Document pack now has validation for the number of uploads per document. values are set in the officer documents area in OMS settings
Added The user can add / change the interviewer of an applicant
Added The user can alter the assigned user of an applicant via Applicant Documents
Added Users can add / edit web portal settings for count / required documents as well toggle the feature itself
Added Errors triggered by failed emails are recorded in the database
Added Users can add / edit custom web portal instructions that appear for each document via the wysiwyg editor
Added Recruitment Analysis is a new report to help monitor the conversion rate from various stages of the recruitment process
Added A toggle is now available in the client profile to enable / disable automated hourly check call emails
Added Users now have the ability to delete individual documents in Applicant Documents
Added Users now have the ability to issue a reason code for when an applicant is made unsuccessful
Added The system now automatically emails any applicant that has been marked as unsuccessful on a Friday at 16:30 so they aren't left waiting over the weekend
Added Monitoring card generated for email errors with option to delete the email
Added Users now have the ability to unapprove applicant documents
Added When an applicant is migrated, OMS will record when that migration happened and who initiated it by adding an activity record in the officer profile
Added The applicant contract pack can now capture (encrypted) payroll details
Added The applicant application form has a new section that captures employment history via a guided approach
Added An area where administrators can add files and images to be publicly hosted on the OMS filesystem and hotlinked using the provided urls
Added Applicants are now able to see document types that have been declined on the document portal to the left of the upload count
Added Users can now decline applicant documents. Applicants will get an email stating the items that have been declined along with any custom message from the user
Added Clicking on an applicant name in the Applicants grid will now produce any available links below the additional applicant details
Added Users now have the ability to move a document from one type to another pre-approval in Applicant Documents
Added An automated task has been added to automatically archive applicants where their contract pack has expired
Added An email is sent re-confirming interview details to applicants once their documents are finalised (unless that inerview has alreay passed)
Added New monitoring card to show officers name and address with a 'sent' actionable where they attended a video interview 3 days after their first shift
Changed The officer grid in the site profile will now display the distance in miles the officer is from the site
Changed The user can send applicants the document pack manually by clicking on the link in the applicants grid when available
Changed The Officer Group report will now show absences within their respective cells
Changed Applicants grid will now show the percentage next to 'incomplete' status as and when available
Changed The size of image previews are now much bigger when approving documents in Applicant Documents
Changed The interview date and time details in the email sent to applicants has been made clearer
Changed Applicant migration now also imports the payroll details from the contract pack
Changed When migrating an applicant, they are automatically archived
Changed Approving all available documents will give the user the ability to finalise the approved documents, which is now a requirement for migration. This replaces the 'Mark all as checked' button.
Changed Applicants are able to distinguish whether or not a document they have uploaded via the document portal is currently approved, which also removes their ability to delete those uploads
Changed Approved applicant documents are now placed in a holding area until the applicant is migrated.
Changed Payroll monthly export report now includes deductions sorted by their respective types
Changed Deductions (Officer Profile) can no longer be negative values
Changed During the finalise process of a payrun, if the total pay is lower than the sum of the deductions, the deductions are not taken that month and are instead rolled over to the next month
Changed Deductions (Officer Profile) mark as paid feature now toggles between paid and unpaid and is not visible to those without the finalise permissions
Changed Payroll advances report only shows non paid deductions
Changed Deductions (Officer Profile) now only allow values below the total existing month's projection and a maximum of 70% over 2 months
Changed The Payroll Advances report has a field for 'Date Processed'
Changed Unsuccessful applicant reasons are now available in the Applicant Analysis report
Changed If the reset feature is used on an applicant, their record is automatically unarchived
Changed When an applicant is made unsuccessful, they are automatically archived
Changed Applicant Documents now shows the contract pack status
Changed The word assign in applicant documents has been made bold so it is more clear when an interviewer needs to be assigned still
Fixed Sublabour book on / off cards in monitoring will now correctly display respective names
Fixed Issue with the currently selected row not being reselected after performing an action in Applicant Documents
Fixed Applicants were showing as 'Complete' (Application form) when progress was actually at exactly 0%
Removed The document button at the bottom of Applicans area has been removed
Removed The delete feature in Applicant Documents has been removed in favour the decline feature
Added Contract complete column added in Officers page filtered to Yes
Added Applicant Documents now have an 'approve' button that marks the documents as such, reflected in the Applicants grid
Added Users can now remove an interview from an applicant directly from the Applicants grid by clicking on their interview date time. The applicant will also receive a cancellation email.
Added Users now have the ability to reset / resend applicants the document pack to be complete by using the 'reset' feature in the applicants area
Added Users can assign themselves or other users to an individual's pending documents
Changed Job Code selection in Applicant Documents is now mandatory
Changed The Applicant Documents grid now includes a submission/upload date time and the grid is ordered by this date by default
Changed Applicant Document Pack - Instructions per document now has improved visibility
Changed When unarchiving an inactive SIA document via officer profile documents, the badge serial will be checked against the SIA register and; if the badge is no longer valid, the document cannot be made active.
Changed The 'Fax' field in invoice settings is no longer mandatory
Changed When migrating an applicant to an officer, the default option for app enrollment is set to yes.
Changed The 'Address Line' field on the Application form was renamed to 'Full Address'
Changed When approving a document in Applicant Documents, the user can now select which images they would like to attach to the approved document
Changed Uploading documents through the Web Portal will now downscale images to a pixel width of 1920. Images will be converted to the .jpg file extension at 80% quality.
Changed Applicant Documents will now only show applicants with uploaded documents
Fixed The SIA Licence Scanner will now ignore LDNs
Fixed Invoice settings no longer require a Fax number
Fixed Applicant online application form will now correctly inform the user to call the company when actively not selecting an advert code
Fixed Notes field in officer profile documents grid incorrectly showing same address for all address records
Fixed Applicant application form PDF will now correctly display the advert code
Fixed Delete function in Applicant Documents will now correctly identify each document within the type group and remove them
Fixed Mass Rates Upsert will now correctly clear the grid and option values after it has finished updating
Fixed The Applicant Application form will now correctly display advert codes that still have slots available and start at least one day from the current date
Fixed When adding a rate in site profile rates, the existing site rate clash check was incorrectly being performed on deleted rates
Fixed Line 2 of the Proof of Address field in officer profile documents field was incorrectly storing a string of null instead of null data
Fixed Date fields in officer profile documents grid will now sort correctly when clicking on the grid headers
Fixed SIA LDN expiration date was being saved in an incorrect format when adding in the officer profile documents
Fixed IPC Report's options was incorrectly displaying an american formatted date instead of the preferred format
Fixed If an applicant closes the browser before selecting an interview slot, they can return to the same url and continue to pick one
Fixed Applicant reset feature no longer fails when attempting to reset the document approval status
Fixed Application form pdf for applicants now includes a missing section of text regarding 'have you been self exployed...'
Fixed Applicants can no longer overwrite their interview slots by completing their document pack two or more times
Fixed The IPC report's date range picker will now use the correct date formatting
Added Documents approved via Applicant Documents will be given a date, time, and user stamped onto the image
Added In monitoring, users can now click on 'Missing Rates' and 'Missing Rates (Sub-Contracted)' cards in order to quickly add a rate. The card will prepopulate as much information as possible to assist with the action.
Added Missing Rates cards are now available in monitoring under the System category that inform the user where instances exist but cannot obtain a rate due to missing site/subcontractor rates
Added A new area for users to see the list of countries for country dropdown fields has been added. Users can change their visa requirements and set the top level ordering for each country available
Added There is now a new section in monitoring labelled 'System' which will handle system level actions
Added Web portal now has a 'complete' button that marks the documents as complete and removes the officer from the web portal.
Added Countries (as used throughout oms via select pickers) are now visible with a permissable page
Changed Web portal screen now shows National Insurance number
Changed Add modal in client profile, keyholding, changed from 'Range' to 'Date'
Changed Cover confirmation cards in monitoring now look for flagged instances created in the last four hours
Changed Confirm Cover cards in Monitoring will now look for ASAP shifts created within the last 4 hours and will no longer require a job offer associated with the instance.
Changed Generated check calls will now take into account the greatest date between booking start and the payroll start time, ensuring they can't generate before the start date/time
Changed Applicant Documents will now show the date of the interview, and National Insurance number
Changed Applicant Application Form will now provide a zip file with several pdfs (based on OMS settings) for each area of data recorded instead of one big pdf with all parts
Changed When uploading a passport in the web portal, the user will now have a toggle for UK/non-UK. UK passporrts will complete stage 1 to correlate with the officer documents area
Changed When pulling the pdf for an applicant application form, the additional documents will be separated and downloaded together inside a zip file instead of one big pdf
Changed Applicant documents now shows the applicants date of interview and NI number. Also, the initials of the user approving an image and a date stamp will be added to the image when approved.
Changed The web portal now shows the NI number of the applicant and simply allows the user to mark the applicant complete as opposed to successful or unsuccessful now. This removes them from the select list of applicants on the page.
Fixed Book on cards in monitoring will now correctly label the assignee as officer or sublabour and link to their profiles again
Fixed Adding an 'active' activity record for officers will now work correctly again
Fixed Book on cards in monitoring now require either an officer or sub-labour to appear
Fixed Monitoring Manual Book On cards will no longer allow unlinked instances to be booked on
Added If a user account is flagged for a password reset, the user will be redirected to their profile page and the Change Password modal will be forced open
Added Users can now recover their forgotten credentials by clicking on the 'Reset Password' button on the login screen
Added The applicant contract pack will now show 'expired' if the expiry date has passed not all the documents have been completed
Added The new Changelog was retroactively added in place of the previous changelog. The changelog overhaul follows conventional standards
Added Clicking on the Contract Pack button in the Applicants area where the contract pack is marked as 'Expired' will allow the user to resend the pack to the applicant with a new unique link and extend the expiry date by another three days
Added When entering an officer's payroll profile, entries that are NA are automatically marked as Pay as long as they are not previously approved or marked as DNP
Added You can now add LDNs in place of an SIA badge when adding an officer SIA document. LDNs require a text based serial, a sector and expiry date
Added Users can now change their password by going to their profile page
Added When looking at the absence tab in the officer profile, the user can now see when the absence was requested and who approved the absence
Changed All pages on the contract pack pdf for applicants have been spread out so each section starts on a new page for double sided printing
Changed The reset button in the Applicants area now unarchives the applicant at the same time
Changed The applicant contract pack will no longer require the applicant to be linked/migrated to an officer profile
Changed The information that was presented in the site termination page with regards to what will be affected is now presented in two grids as opposed to two tables. This allows the user to sort and export the data.
Changed The missing rates dashboard app now excludes instances marked as DNC (do not charge)
Changed The user can now select a custom default homepage from any of their permissible pages instead of just the dashboard or changelog
Changed The Hours graph will now default to a 30 day range
Changed Datepickers in most forms will now no longer remember their previously highlighted values
Changed The user will no longer be able to add a site activity status on the same day as a pre-existing record
Changed The DBS Check in the contract pack for applicants now includes questions regarding town of birth and nationality
Changed The titles for each section on the contract pack for applicants have had their font size increased to better distinguish themselves between pages
Changed The 'Terms Of Employment' section on the contract pack for applicants has had its text updated to includes additional policies
Changed When accepting a holiday request, absence records will automatically delete any previous absences that fall on the same date(s) as per the request
Changed The reset feature in the applicants area now has the option to reset contract pack data
Changed When manually adding an officer absence from the officer profile, records will not be added if they fall on the same day as an existing record
Changed The permission 'Site Rate Controller' has been renamed to 'Site Rate Manager'
Changed The homepage tooltip in the page breadcrumb will now also state the name of the user's homepage
Changed Several fields added to the revisions table for tracking purposes
Changed ASAP tags will now be shown on the calendar in addition to other tags
Changed Users can no longer manually add calendar blocks labelled as ASAP. Instances are automatically flagged as ASAP if added within [x] hours of shift start
Changed The Hours graph will now snapshot information every hour instead of every 4 hours
Changed The Applicant Contract Pack PDF has had it's layout altered to better spread the displayed data across it's pages. Notably, the Night worker questionnaire is now on 1 page instead of 2
Fixed Attendance issues report was not getting any results. This has been fixed after a changing in the wording of late notes prevented the report from getting any results.
Fixed The Asterix tab in the Phone Book report will now correctly populate all its data again
Fixed The home button in the breadcrumb bar now correctly links to the url of the user's default homepage instead of incorrectly refreshing the current page
Fixed Marking an applicant as 'Attended' will now correctly function again
Fixed The Hours graph will now correctly show the difference between two snapshot points in its tooltip
Fixed Bug fixes for Recruitment. Modals not loading data correctly.
Fixed ASAP Booking Confirmations now correctly show the assignee's contact details
Fixed The 'Quick Reset' feature in the Users area will now work as intended
Fixed The Google Maps button in the SIR will now function as intended again
Fixed The SIR will be correctly run to asses whether or not an officer can be once again linked to an instance when restoring a revision with a linked officer.
Fixed The attendance issues report will now correctly display its data when pulled
Fixed The list of shift dates in the cover confirmation email will now display in the correct order (date ascending)
Fixed The list of shift dates in the shift cancellation push notification (workforce app) will now display in the correct order (date ascending)
Fixed The home button in the breadcrumb bar now correctly links to the url of the user's default homepage instead of incorrectly linking to that page's numerical value
Removed The Email Communication page been removed in favour of the Email Log
Removed 'Applicant Forms' has been removed in favour of the 'Applicants' overhaul
Removed The old version of OMS has been completely removed along with the domain
Removed The 'Template' page that was used solely by developers was removed
Added When marking an officer absent from an instance, the instance notes will now state this and the reason for their absence
Added More details added on the book off card in monitoring
Added Range picker added to the hours page in order to speed up the load times on the graph
Added Monitoring - Inform Placeholder
Added Modal to accept and decline holiday requests in monitoring
Added More information added to check calls complete card in monitoring
Added Workforce app for sub-labour registration
Added More details added to shift acceptance cards in monitoring
Added Buttons added to instance info modal to remove a book on / off action in case of mistake or change of circumstances
Added The instance lookup feature has been added to the monitoring area
Added The calendar now supports multi-word filtering by adding a comma after each word entry
Added Job board not accepted cards in monitoring show if the officer has read the offer in the app
Changed Cards on the job board are now ordered by Time > Site > Name
Changed Book on cards and shift rejection cards display more information
Changed Link shift cards in monitoring changed to use different time parameters to align with the officer app
Changed Cards in monitoring that show officers or sub-labour names are now prefixed with either O. for an officer or SL. for sub-labour
Changed Changed and added more information to check calls due cards in monitoring
Changed Purchase orders will now only show historic entries that are missing data along with the current week
Changed Once an interview time has passed in Recruitment, it will no longer show
Changed Hyperlinks in the Emails sent via functions 'Interview Confirmation' and 'Video Interview Confirmation' will now be clickable instead of just text
Changed The 'Info' area at the bottom of the 'Schedule' section of applicable invoices will no longer appear on each page and will instead only appear at the end of all schedule information
Changed More information added to request call cards
Changed Cards now grouped on site. Clicking the card lists the instances rejected and who by at that site. These can then be cleared using the button in the modal to acknowledge and dismiss
Changed The unanswered check calls card in monitoring has had its layout improved
Changed Keyholding and CCTV services now allow the user to select a sector, which will allow the Invoice Export report show their respective nominal codes
Changed The master SIR list will now only show 6 weeks worth of future instances
Changed The Application form will now show the first letter on toggle switches as bold
Changed Sector select on manual invoices now gets all sectors but is filtered if the user selects a site. The sectors are then filtered according to the site
Changed If an officer or sublabour is unenrolled from the OMS App, their current messages will be soft deleted
Changed The ops widget in dashboard shows minus numbers in red
Changed Job Board: If an officer has multiple shifts offered to them with the same shift details, it will no longer show all of them individually and instead show as one block with a badge showing the count of those offers.
Changed Deducation grid reordered by add date
Changed SIR allocate now allows the user to offer to multiple officers
Changed Added a sector select to invoice export report
Changed Made the booking on / off modals in monitoring responsive for mobile
Changed Activity Check will now also show stewards
Changed The Shift rejection report will now show the instance date
Changed Whilst data is being loaded into the job board, the user will be presented with a message stating it is being updated. This will be removed once loaded and the refresh timer reset
Changed Filter peak shift - numbers instead of shift dates
Changed In the SIR when linking an officer, any officer that has had the shift offered to them will state YES in bold in the offered column
Changed Amendments made to Brightpay new starters report
Changed Removed the hyperlink in interview confirmation emails
Changed Messages now appear in date order
Changed Made changes to the date formatting in sub-labour > shifts page
Changed Schedule information in the Sites area will now also show how the instance was added, the type of the instance and deleted instances along with who deleted that instance.
Changed Site Patterns will now only allow start/end dates for the current week onwards
Fixed Officer feedback PDF will now function correctly
Fixed Bug fix for pressing enter on the number of days filter in activity check
Fixed The 'Workforce' registration form is now functional again
Fixed Applicants will no longer show incorrect interview slots based on how/where their interview slot was allocated
Fixed Instance Revisions: An issue where the page would scroll the entire grid vertically instead of allowing for overflow on the side panel
Fixed Instance Revisions: An issue where the user couldn't see deleted instances.
Fixed The instance date filter in the shift rejection will now sort correctly when clicked on
Fixed Deleting a deduction is now possible again
Fixed When loading an instance via the IPC tool, the modal will now correctly display data
Fixed Editing a keyhold will now save correctly
Fixed Removing an applicant from an interview slot in recruitment will now function correctly
Fixed The dropdown to select the destination in sector re-allocation now works as intended
Fixed Booking on notes field clears when the modal opens
Fixed Fixed a bug when uploading SIA badges
Fixed Fixed a bug when adding site rates
Fixed Sub-labour profile activity drop down fixed
Fixed Filtering by 'no data' now functions correctly
Fixed Shift rejections modal cleared when opened of any existing data
Fixed When adding new rates, correlating instances will now be added to the IPC scan
Fixed Improved the load speed on the hours page
Fixed Client > CCTV page - edit / delete functionality fixed
Fixed When adding a site, the Bank Holiday charge rate limit is now correctly referenced within the system
Fixed Messaging multiple officers in monitoring functioning correctly
Fixed Request call card fixes in monitoring
Fixed Filtering grids using apostrophes now possible
Fixed Bug fix in monitoring
Fixed Messages in app correctly show the name of the person who sent the message
Fixed Bug fix in shift rejections on monitoring
Fixed Video call slots display correctly in application form
Fixed The grid (all areas) will now support and understand ampersands
Fixed The OMS App will no longer display a google maps error on the shift page
Fixed The server cron task to remove documents from unsuccessfull applicants will now check to see if documents exist before attempting to remove any in order to prevent warnings
Changed The calendar block order is now: start time > site name > Officer
Fixed The assignee information will now correctly populate in the 'Manually Book On' monitoring card
Fixed Search functionality on the messenger page will function correctly again
Deprecated Applicant Forms primed for removal at a future date
Deprecated Email Communication primed for removal at a future date
Removed Applicant Forms has had most of it's functionality removed in favour of 'Applicants'
Added OMS Relaunch: Complete overhaul
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